Rob Halford Has Begun Working On Debut Solo Blues Album

Judas Priest singer Rob Halford revealed that he has starting working on his debut blues solo album with brother Nigel and his nephew Alex (son of Priest bassist Ian Hill).

During a recent appearance on “Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz” podcast, Halford was asked if a blues album is still something he is interested in pursuing, he responded: “It is, and I’ll give you an exclusive: it’s already begun.

“I’ve been working on this blues album with my brother and my nephew and friends that I worked with together on the Celestial (Halford‘s 2019 Christmas LP) album. We had such a great time, and they’re so talented. And that blues thing has never left me; it’s just part of rock and roll.

“So, it’s begun. We’re slowly putting bits and pieces together. There’s no timeline on it. We’re kicking the tires, and I’ve already got some bits of ideas here and there, and they sound great.”

“Keeping an open mind in music is really important,” he continued. “As we’ve said many times in Priest, we’re well aware of what goes on around us, in metal and outside of metal.

“There are so many opportunities for inspiration that it’s foolish to put the blinkers on and stay focused in one dimension — at least it is for Priest.

“That’s why as a band, we’ve always been so diverse with our music. One minute we can do Painkiller, and the next minute, we can do ‘Turbo Lover’, so that moment that we had with StockAitken and Waterman came out of that open-mindedness that we have.”

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