Marko Hietala And Tarja Turunen Together In A Duet For New Single ‘Left On Mars’

Experience the heavenly harmonies of two iconic voices as Marko Hietala and Tarja Turunen unite like never before in a mesmerizing duet!

Embark on a journey through space and time with “Left On Mars” , a captivating single and accompanying video that transcends the boundaries of genre and imagination. Inspired by a story of love and longing, this ethereal ballad combines Marko‘s emotional lyrics and powerful riffs with Tarja‘s eerily beautiful vocals, creating a symphony that resonates deep within the soul.

Marko Hietala about the song: “A love song to my wife that ultimately unites two old friends. Even if the song itself was bad, I would be happy with the result!”

Marko‘s guitarist and album producer  Tuomas Wäinölä remembers hearing the song for the first time at Marko‘s in Kuopio: “It was immediately a strong piece. I think Marko had the idea from the beginning that it should be a duet. After that it was just a matter of filing and demonstrating well. The fun part was taking the song to Switzerland on a USB stick, like real agents! We had this secret meeting when we were doing an outdoor gig in Pratteln with Tarja both playing our own sets. And yes, it was great to see them on stage together and finally singing the same note again!”

From the first spark of inspiration to the last note, every moment of ‘Left On Mars’ exudes passion and creativity. Marko’s powerful storytelling sets the stage for Tarja‘s enchanting performance, forming a cosmic connection that transports listeners to a world beyond imagination.