Jacoby Shaddix Says Korn, Papa Roach And Deftones Are The Next Metallicas

The inevitable transition in the metal music scene is gradually taking place. With legendary bands such as Metallica and Iron Maiden nearing the end of their illustrious careers, the onus falls on emerging bands to assume their roles and headline major music festivals. The recent wave of nü-metal nostalgia has thrust several bands from this era into the limelight, although Jacoby Shaddix‘s selection may seem a tad unconventional.

In a conversation with Lazer 103.3, Papa Roach frontman, Shaddix, expressed his belief that bands like “Korn, Papa Roach [and] Deftones” are poised to become the new Metallicas of the music world. This, however, prompts one to wonder about the potential ‘big four’ of nü-metal and their ability to reach the iconic status that Metallica attained.

“We’re watching Metallica step into that Rolling Stones spot right now” he says (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). “And Foo Fighters are another one of those groups. And Korn, Papa Roach [and] Deftones, we’re like the next Metallicas

“You know what I mean? That’s it”, he continues. “We’re stepping into that spot now. It just comes to, I guess, being able to survive the treachery of this rock and roll life. And if you can do that and still continue to create good art and good music, then we can get into that space.”