Dave Mustaine Calls Out Drunk Fan During Megadeth Concert: ‘That’s What Happens When Cousins F**k’

On July 31, Megadeth held a concert at the Annexet in Stockholm, Sweden, during which an unexpected interruption occurred between songs.

As the band transitioned between songs, a fan who had indulged a bit too much in alcohol began to heckle Dave Mustaine. The veteran musician, known for his stage presence and quick wit, initially responded playfully to the fan’s interruption. With a cheeky raise of his finger, he tried to brush off the distraction and carry on with the show.

However, the drunk fan was undeterred. The heckling persisted, disrupting the concert and increasingly irking Mustaine. The frontman’s playful demeanor gradually turned into visible frustration as he repeatedly told the fan to “shut up.” Despite Mustaine‘s clear annoyance, the fan continued his antics, turning the concert into a spectacle of a different kind.

He persistently requested quiet from the fans, before appending: “If I have to say it one more time, I’m gonna ask security to take your f**king drunken a*s out of here, do you hear me? See, that’s what happens when cousins f**k.”

While the video doesn’t give a clear-cut account of what sparked Dave‘s reaction, an explanation offered in a comment beneath the video gives some insight: “They were being loud and obnoxious by interrupting Dave during one of his speeches, saying they wanted to go up and play with him… They were teenage boys with no shirts on who kept mosh pitting (nothing wrong with that) so I think Dave already noticed them but I do remember one of them screaming face to face at a girl close to me right before they spoke to Dave. I might be wrong here but it seemed like she got mad at him for pushing his way through and he tried to explain himself in a very rude way.”