Investigation Has Been Launched Against Rammstein’s Till Lindemann

Berlin prosecutors are investigating Till Lindemann, the lead singer of Rammstein, for alleged sexual assault.

Multiple women have accused Lindemann of drugging them and engaging in sexual activity during after-show parties. The Berlin public prosecution’s office has initiated preliminary proceedings against Lindemann for sexual offenses and the distribution of narcotics.

The investigation is based on several criminal complaints filed by third parties not directly involved in the incidents. AFP news agency reported that Berlin prosecutors are carrying out the investigation.

Lindemann has denied all the accusations against him, and his legal team has stated that they will pursue legal action against any allegations of sexual misconduct directed towards the Rammstein frontman.

As a consequence of the accusations against Lindemann, Rammstein‘s four-night residency at Munich’s Olympic Stadium was plagued by controversy. Consequently, the concert promoters scrapped the after-parties and “row zero” experience, while the band tightened security measures. In the wake of the allegations, German politicians demanded improved protection for fans, particularly women.