Kirk Hammett Sustains An Injury During Metallica Show But Continues Performing

Metallica embarked on their “M72” tour earlier this year, commencing with a series of live shows in Europe. One of the standout features of the tour is their innovative concept known as the “No Repeats Weekend.” During this special weekend, Metallica performs two consecutive nights at the same venue in each city, with entirely different setlists and opening acts for each show.

This unique approach allows fans to experience songs that are not frequently played in Metallica‘s regular setlists. It also brings a sense of freshness and excitement to their live performances. The band members have been thoroughly enjoying themselves on stage, and the tour has been warmly received by their dedicated fanbase.

During a performance in Gothenburg, Sweden, guitarist Kirk Hammett encountered a knee cramp while playing “Master of Puppets.” Despite the discomfort, Hammett powered through the song, momentarily finding relief by standing on one leg. He quickly recovered and continued to deliver an electrifying performance. A video captured by a fan showcases this incident.