Kiko Loureiro Explains Why He Had To Leave Megadeth

In a recent episode of the “Amplifica” podcast hosted by Rafael Bittencourt, Kiko Loureiro opened up about his departure from Megadeth, citing his desire for freedom as the main reason. Loureiro emphasized the importance of having the freedom to pursue his own artistic endeavors after spending over eight years with the band.

He shared a personal anecdote about nearly missing his daughter’s birth and expressed his commitment to prioritizing his family over his music career.

Loureiro also discussed the comfortable position he had in Megadeth, thanks to a team of around 20 people handling band preparations.

He took responsibility for finding his replacement, Teemu Mäntysaari, and ensured a smooth transition before the band’s upcoming tour.

Loureiro recently announced an extended absence from Megadeth to address family issues, leading fans to question his future with the band despite the positive relationship between him and Dave Mustaine.

However, fans have noticed a couple of noteworthy details. Firstly, Dave Mustaine expressed his gratitude towards Kiko Loureiro for his contributions to the band. Secondly, in the closing of a note, Mustaine asked fans to support Loureiro in his future endeavors.

These observations, combined with the replacement of Loureiro‘s profile and photos on Megadeth‘s official website by those of his substitute guitarist, Teemu Mäntysaari, have led to speculation about Loureiro’s potential return or permanent departure from the band. Despite the outward display of a positive relationship between Dave and Kiko, these details have left fans feeling uncertain.