Jason Momoa Bought The Last Gibson ‘Greeny’ Les Paul Replica

The incredible Jason Momoa has seized the final Gibson Custom Shop Collector’s Edition Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard, a faithful replica of the iconic instrument that was graced by three major guitarists throughout history.

Described by Gibson as “one of the most iconic original Les Paul standards ever made,” “Greeny” was initially owned by Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green and used in his time with the band. It was later sold to Gary Moore, its custodian for three decades with Thin Lizzy and as a solo artist. The historic guitar is now in possession of Metallica‘s Kirk Hammett.

The famous “Greeny” Les Paul Standard is renowned for its history behind it. Dubbed by Gibson as one of the most iconic models ever made, Peter Green was the first owner while being in Fleetwood Mac, and then passed on to Gary Moore who used it with Thin Lizzy and during his solo career. Today Kirk Hammett from Metallica holds this monumental guitar in his possession.

With a post to Instagram, he joyfully declared his incredible purchase and expressed immense gratitude towards Cesar Gueikian and Gibson Custom for securing him the last Greene. His words were full of enthusiasm as he exclaimed: “Kirk Hammett, I’m so stoked. Metallica fo life. All my aloha.”