INCITE Unveils Visualizer For New Song ‘War Soup’ Featuring Max Cavalera

Arizona thrash metallers INCITE today share another new song from their forthcoming new full-length, Wake Up Dead, with a visualizer for the track “War Soup.”

The gritty new track, which focuses on the courage in standing up to bullies, is the first INCITE song ever to feature the vocals of both Richie and Max Cavalera — a historical gathering of heavy metal generations.

Comments singer Richie Cavalera, “Our new jam, ‘War Soup,’ is one of the most kickass songs we’ve ever made! It’s brutal, it’s groovy, and it’s got Max Cavalera ripping vocals with us! Turn it up and headbang your asses off. The song is about standing up to bullies, not being pushed around, speaking up, and fighting back. I’ve always been quiet, shy, and too nice and people have taken advantage of me for that, so now I use my voice and my strength, to not be afraid.”

On their five albums The Slaughter (2009), All Out War (2012), Up In Hell (2014), Oppression (2016), and Built To Destroy (2019), INCITE cemented their reputation as one of America’s leading groove armadas, heavily hitting home with their blend of old-school thrash majesty, frantic aggression, melody, skill, and bravado. What began as a band of greenhorns driving around the States in a shitty van, thrashing small clubs, has evolved into a band with the potential, the passion, and the power to become one of groove metal’s biggest acts.