Identity Of New Slipknot Member Revealed?

The identity of Slipknot‘s newest member has been a mystery since his announcement, but fans on Reddit may have uncovered the individual’s identity thanks to a photo shared by band’s percussionist Michael Pfaff, also knows as Tortilla Man.

Pfaff recently posted an Instagram photo featuring a clothing rack with name tags of Slipknot members, and one tag appears to read “ZA,” leading fans to speculate that Zac Baird, a well-known keyboardist who has collaborated with bands like Korn, Evanescence, and Ghost, could be the new member.

Pfaff‘s now-deleted post on Reddit, along with the accompanying photo, has further fueled this speculation.

Slipknot made changes to their lineup on June 7th, as keyboardist Craig Jones, who had been with the band for a long time, parted was with the group. The announcement was swiftly removed, but during a recent concert in Austria, Slipknot introduced a new member who remains unidentified. This mystery member was seen playing the keyboards alongside the band during the performance. The specific reasons behind Jones‘ departure have not been disclosed to the public.