Could Megadeth Be Hinting at Marty Friedman’s Comeback

Based on a recent post on Megadeth‘s social media featuring a photo of Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman together, fans have been speculating about a possible return of Friedman.

Furthermore, Megadeth shared the following lyrics from their 1992 song “Countdown To Extinction” along with the post:  “All are gone, all but one. No contest, nowhere to run. No more left, only one. This is it, this is the countdown to extinction.”

Mustaine himself has mentioned the possibility of a reunion but has also emphasized his focus on working things out with current guitarist Kiko Loureiro.

Although Friedman has declined a reunion offer in the past due to financial considerations and concerns about Megadeth‘s musical direction, he did perform with the band at their recent gig at Tokyo’s Budokan. While this doesn’t confirm a full-time return, it does indicate a willingness to collaborate on special occasions.