Bam Margera Goes On Drunken Rant After Getting Fired From ‘Jackass’

Jackass star Bam Margera has revealed that he’s been fired from the upcoming Jackass 4 by Paramount.

Margera posted several videos to his Instagram account, which has since been taken down, where he admitted to breaking his sobriety and indicated that he had officially been fired from the filming of upcoming Jackass movie. He also asked fans to boycott the movie.

In the video below, Margera could be seen crying, vomiting, and alluding to having had looked up “how to tie a noose.”

Last December, Steve-O provided his Jackass 4 update, but did not mention Margera not being involved. He was hanging out with Bam that same month in southern California, which is where Margera now lives.