Wintersun To Release New Track Next Week!

Wintersun has announced in a post on social media that they will be launching a new single on March 9th, exclusively on Bandcamp. Additionally, the song will be available for a limited period.

Band states: “Wintersun will release a new short instrumental track next week on Thursday! The release will be a Bandcamp exclusive and only for a limited time! This will be a nice little taster for you guys to hear what Jari has been cooking! You can sign up to follow Wintersun on Bandcamp as well, so you will get notified immediately when the song is out!”

The song will be followed by a music video the next day.

Last month, Jari Mäenpää – the frontman of Wintersun – has updated fans about the records he’s currently working on.

He wrote in social media post: “Guys, I am working on an album, several in fact, like I’ve updated you many times and will keep updating. One of these albums is coming along nicely and it’s a strong possibility it’s going to be the next one. This album is way bigger production than The Forest Seasons and it presents whole new challenges for me vocally, guitar playing and production wise. Even song writing wise, ’cause as you know I like learn and explore different composition styles and not write the same stuff over and over again, which would be easy.

“So I have to (and want to) constantly evolve and get better in every way. Development and learning new skills takes time. Many of these new challenges I’ve already conquered and I’m very happy with the results, some challenges still are ahead, but we are close to victory. And as WINTERSUN fans you guys already know that I am not going to release anything until I’m completely happy with it. And I’m guessing you wouldn’t want me to do that either, to release something unfinished. So just relax and enjoy the ride, I have a plan!”

As it is often the case, those who follow the music of Wintersun began to inquire about the much-anticipated Time II album, to which Jari replied to a fan: “Already stated in 2014 that I’ve stopped working on Time II and I kept my word! Haven’t worked on it one bit since then. I’m a man of my word.”