Why Darkthrone Refuses To Play Live? Nocturno Culto Explains

During a recent interview with Wall of Sound, Darkthrone‘s Nocturno Culto has explained why the band refused to play live shows for more than two decades now.

Darkthrone‘s last live show took place at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Norway on April 6th, 1996, and band has release fourteen records since then.

“The offers keep on coming, believe me. We have said no to being wealthy for years and years,” Culto says. “I believe Darkthrone is kind of isolated in many areas, but we like it that way. We don’t see ourselves as something else other than ordinary men with a passion for music. So stage, touring and personal attention is not what we seek, but what we want to leave behind…..yes you guessed it, full length albums. A Blaze in the Northern Sky was originally meant to be a mini album, but luckily we discussed it, and agreed on taking our time to make an LP.”

He also spoke against the idea that full-length albums will soon be a thing of the past. “I do not agree at all with the premise of this question, because the next generation will understand the importance of full length albums,” Culto said. “People NEED full length albums. And the youth is smart enough to understand and appreciate the format. It will live on as long as there is music. Especially in rock/metal genres, people want this format, for all eternity.”

Darkthrone‘s nineteen studio album, Astral Fortress, was released on October 28th via Peaceville Records.