Vektor Dropped From ‘70000Tons Of Metal’ Cruise Amid Controversy

On January 3rd, Vektor was taken off the lineup of this year’s “70000Tons Of Metal” cruise likely due to public disapproval. Unfortunately, it is a familiar situation for the thrash metal band who were abruptly dropped by Century Media only two days after they had signed with them in September.

In 2019, Katy DiSanto – the wife of Vektor vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto – posted a distressing video on her Instagram. The footage captured by her cellphone showed David violently picking up and throwing his wife around while screamed at her in an infuriated tone; Katy was quietly sobbing as he threw a pillow right into her face.

She also blamed David for taking the wedding funds as he had been let go from his job after attending work under the influence of alcohol on too many occasions. Furthermore, she accused him of choking her in a San Antonio hotel room until another guest dialed emergency services and alleged that he violated her sexually in Salt Lake City before imprisoning her in a basement to prevent any further discussion about it.