Sharon Osbourne Says Ronnie James Dio Could Never Replace Ozzy In Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, has addressed Ronnie James Dio‘s time in Black Sabbath — who replaced Ozzy in 1979 after he end up fired.

Dio released two albums with Black Sabbath, 1980’s Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules year latest. In 1992, Dio briefly returned to group to record the Dehumanizer album. The album was a minor hit, reaching the Top 40 in the United Kingdom and #44 on the Billboard 200.

Ronnie had a great voice but to change a band that had a kind of bluesy type vocal, real gritty bluesy vocal to a rock opera vocal, it was so different,” Sharon said. “I always looked at Ronnie as a Rock opera type singer. Ozzy had such a bluesy voice, I never got it.”

“They had two hit albums,” she added. They did, they had two good hit albums, they had two good tours together. Then it was the band were fighting. There was a lot of fighting in the band with Ronnie.”