Porcupine Tree’s Upcoming Tour Could Be Their Last

This year has been a fantastic one for Porcupine Tree aficionados, with the comeback album Closure/Continuation and an extended tour to commemorate it.

However, according to frontman Steven Wilson, their 2023 Summer tour could be their last ever. On Twitter, Wilson mentioned that the impending venture may very well be the band’s swan song while referencing how even the name of their latest record alludes to possible uncertainty in Porcupine Tree‘s future.

As Wilson contemplated what the future held for their band, Wilson wrote: “Happy new year to you all!

“First and foremost a big thank you to everyone that enjoyed the PorcupineTree Closure/Continuation album/shows, and my book ‘Limited Edition Of One’ during the past year.

“Coming in 2023 will be my new album, a 10 track 65 minute musical journey that’s kinda hard to describe, but suffice to say it’s different again, not to mention totally pretentious (in a good way!). It will be released by Virgin Music UK, more news soon.

“Meanwhile the (likely final) PorcupineTree shows will be a handful of festival appearances over the Summer, check the band’s channels for more info.

“Lots more exciting stuff (at least to me) happening, but for now I’ll leave you with my very best wishes for the year ahead, I hope it will be a wonderful one for you.”