Max Cavalera Explains Why He Doesn’t Own A Cellphone

Max Cavalera, the frontman for Soulfly and formerly of Sepultura, recently spoke with Finland’s Chaoszine about his foray into social media. He revealed that his wife and manager, Gloria Cavalera, is helping him out on Instagram.

He said: “Yeah, I think it was necessary for a musician to grow. As much as I wanted to stay away from it, because — I like it, but I don’t let it be the only thing in my life. That’s why I don’t have a cell phone.

“I’m one of the few people in the world that don’t have a cell phone,” he continued. “And I feel very free about that, because when I go to eat at a restaurant, I wanna talk to my friends. I wanna sit down at a table and talk to people, not stare at some machine. I think that’s ridiculous, when people are in a restaurant and they are sitting across each other and they don’t talk to each other. It’s f**king sad. It’s f**king crazy — it drives me crazy.

“At the same time, I know how important it is to have your presence in the social media world. And that’s why together, I found a way to do it with [Gloria] so she becomes my voice. She shows me everything, so I get to see everything that people are saying. I respond. We do a live Facebook. I was doing a lot of ‘Max Trax’ [Internet video series in which Max discusses the inspiration for many of the songs spanning his 40-year music career]. I might wanna start doing that again and do Cameos and all this stuff. But I think she’s great. She’s doing right now six, I think, social media things. She does Max Cavalera, she does SOULFLY. she has her own Facebook page, and it’s cool.”

“I always did this — even back in the day, in the Sepultura days before Internet,” Cavalera added. “I would read bad reviews so I get real pissed off and have a good show. So now I kind of do the same. I tell her like, ‘Show me some people talking s**t.’ So she gives me the phone, and there’s all these people talking s**t. And I read it, and I go on the stage and I f**k s**t up. [Laughs] It’s ammunition. It’s gasoline for the fire.”