KIRK HAMMETT: LARS ULRICH Took Drum Lessons For METALLICA’s ‘…And Justice For All’ Album

During a recent appearance on Let There Be TalkMetallica guitarist Kirk Hammett talked about the band’s 1988 album …And Justice for All.

Discussing if Justice is a “prog album,” Kirk said: “We just wanted to as weird as we could. And at that particular point in time, a lot of what was popular then was music that really showed-off musicianship. That was probably the heyday of guitar albums like Joe Satriani‘s albums.

“You had a lot of these really commercial hair-metal bands with these guitar players who just play incredibly, but the songs were f*cking crappy,” he continued.

“That was kind of, like, the thinking, you know, ‘Let’s show how much of our musicianship is actually there.’

“And it became a vehicle to just show our musicianship, basically, and I was happy to do it because I come from a place where that was kind of centered,” Kirk added. And what I mean by that is: Joe Satriani‘s album [likely referring to Joe‘s 1987 sophomore album Surfing With the Alien] was, like, the f*cking biggest thing around that time.

“And I think at one point Lars was taking drum lessons from Joe Satriani‘s drummer [Jeff Campitelli] and so he had just a whole new perspective and approach on his drums, and so we wanted to implement that musicianship into the sound, and that’s what became …And Justice for All, basically.”

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