James Hetfield Is Dating Kim Kardashian

James Hetfield, the frontman of American heavy metal band Metallica, is said to be dating reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The two have been spotted together on a number of occasions, and sources close to the couple say they are definitely a thing.

This is quite a surprising pairing, however, they seem to be really happy together, and are often seen laughing and joking when they’re out in public.

It’s not known how long the two have been dating for, but it’s said that they met through mutual friends. James is said to be smitten with Kim, and is always talking about her when he’s not on stage.

The couple haven’t been photographed together recently, but sources say that they are still very much together and are just enjoying some time out of the spotlight.

Hetfield also confirmed that he and Kim are working on new music together for the next Metallica album. “She has a lot of good ideas and she has an amazing voice” giggled Hetfield (via Mad House Magazine). “We already recorded a duet together of that song by James Taylor and Carly Simon. You know, mock yeah, ing yeah, mocking bird. It’s going to be epic. I can’t wait to tell Lars the good news, He is going to love Kim like I do.” 

So there you have it, James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian are definitely a thing! Who knows where this relationship will go, but we wish them all the best.

The contents on this article is purely fictional and intended to be humorous, satirical. Readers are advised not to confuse them with real incidents.