Ivan Moody Does a 180, Says He’s Not Retiring From Heavy Metal

After announcing last week that he would be retiring from heavy metal music after one more album with Five Finger Death Punch, Ivan Moody has had a change of heart. In a recent Instagram live stream, the singer said that he “ain’t going anywhere.”

During a recent Instagram live stream, Moody was asked by a fan if he will indeed retire from heavy metal and the band after one more record to which he responded: “No, I’m not leaving. I wanted to let you all know.”

Moody original made an announcement of his retirement during band’s show in Denver Friday night, October 14.

Moody appeared with two of his children on stage to deliver his speech, in which he said: “I wanted to tell you this. And nobody else in the world knows, Denver, so this is where it’s going to start. And what you do with it is up to you. The last 15 years of my life I have toured the world, I have seen every country, every city on this planet at least twice. That’s a fact.

“And through that time as many of you parents know… I have missed a lot of time with my kiddos. So I made them a deal today, and I’m going to stick to it. After this year, I am going to make one more Five Finger Death Punch album and then I am retiring from heavy metal.” Moody then shakes each kids’ hand and jokes they cannot have his mic stand.

He continued: “But I wanted to start that here and tell all of you, from day one when I decided to be a singer playing places like… the Bluebird Theater, the Ogden, and we were supposed to play Red Rocks, we’ll have to do that one more time. Can I play Red Rocks one more time?… I owe you everything, Colorado, Five Finger Death Punch and every knucklehead on this planet, thank you.”

This sudden change of plans is sure to excite fans of the band. We’ll have to wait and see what comes next for Ivan Moody and Five Finger Death Punch!