Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson To Release New Solo Album In 2020

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has revealed in an interview with Argentina’s Clarin magazine that he is planning to release new solo album next year.

Dickinson said (as translated via The Metal Voice): “I’m very busy, after the show in Chile I go to London, I arrive at 7 in the morning, I take a shower, from there I go to a conference with engineers, then I wear a f—king black tie to attend a charity dinner; The next day I have a conference, then a meeting with potential investors for my company and I will finally go to a pub with my children.

“On Saturday we will meet again, then I go to Paris, where I live with my wife, and on Monday I start training f—cing, until Thursday,” he continued. It’s going to be my return to training after I broke the Achilles tendon f—king.

“I also have some workshops, in Zagreb, in Vienna, and then another in London, and then I go to Canada to participate in the tribute for the 50 years of the Deep Purple. I also have my solo album pending, which will be released next year or the next.”

Dickinson’s latest solo album, Tyranny of Souls, was released in 2005.

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