How Feud Between Slipknot And Deicide Started

Since their debut in the late 80’s, Deicide have impacted metal groups of all ages with their captivating death metal sound.

Glen Benton, a vocalist and bassist, is renowned for being as blunt when not singing as he is when he is. He is unafraid to express his opinion when he feels the need.

Once, that no-boundaries mindset caused a scuffle with the metal gods from Iowa – the renowned band Slipknot. It is only right that they recognize Deicide as a significant musical influence in forming their heated musical style.

In a nutshell, Glen wasn’t delighted with ‘The Knot’ and Corey Taylor as he asserted that they had pledged to take Deicide on a Slipknot tour, but then did not follow through.

On the Talk Toomey podcast, Benton let his emotions be known: “Not to f**king bust balls, but I’ll bust balls. Slipknot: ‘Oh we’re going to take you guys out man, we’re going to take you guys out dude.’ Yeah blow me. That’s what I say to you. F*cking blow me Corey Taylor and all you fags. OK. ‘Oh we’re going to take Deicide out on tour with us and blah blah blah.’

“Blowing air up our a*ses, back in the day. You know what, you never did a f**king thing for us. You introduced us at a show once. Great, thanks. How about a f**king tour? How about f**king helping us out a little bit? I mean we’ve only been doing this for several years. You guys were like ‘Dude you were what got me started.’ Well you know what, return the f**king favor. You know what I mean?”

“I’m not trying to bust balls, but when bands like Slipknot and sh*t, they f**king… say they’re going take us out and sh*t… It’s just one big f**king puff of air up your a*s. Not that I give a f*ck about opening for them, you know what I’m saying? Because I don’t.

“I’ll tell ya this about our band, we’ve done it our way, we’ll always do it our way, and the success we’ve achieved, we’ve earned every little bit of it. We don’t compromise, we’re not about to kiss corporate America’s a*s so that’s why we’re still underground man.”

In a 2018 radio interview, Corey Taylor seemed to avoid answering when he was asked about the reported bad blood between him and Glen. He indicated that this information was all new to him.

“I haven’t seen Glen Benton in ten years, you know, and I haven’t talked to him in even longer. So I don’t know why he’s upset with me, I don’t know why he’s upset with us.

“We take out the bands who submit for us, man. It’s just that simple. I mean, out of respect to him and what Deicide has done over the years, it’s, like… If you talked to somebody, it wasn’t me, and they sure as hell didn’t talk to me, ’cause I would have tried to do something.”