Here Is Photo Of Marty Friedman At Soundcheck With Megadeth At Budokan

Megadeth recently announced that they are about to perform at the Budokan Arena in Tokyo, Japan, with guitarist Marty Friedman.

They uploaded a video that showed that they have arrived in Japan, and Mellowdeth, an Argentine tribute band, shared a photo of Marty playing with them during the soundcheck. The photo is shown below.

On February 27, a live performance at the Budokan venue will be broadcasted over the internet and will be available to view for a limited number of days afterwards. This event marks the first time in two decades that Marty Friedman has joined the group.

Friedman RECENTLY shared a video message in which he said: “What’s up, everybody? This is Marty Friedman here. Just a quick announcement to let you all know that I’m gonna be joining my good friends in Megadeth on stage at the Budokan in Tokyo on February 27th.

He continued: “It’s been a real long time since I’ve been on the same stage with Dave Mustaine making music, and we’ve both taken severely different paths in our life since then. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m so extremely proud of the part that I played in Megadeth‘s history and Megadeth‘s legacy, and I’m also very, very proud of the achievements that the band has done in my absence. But for right now, at this moment, I just feel immense joy and serious adrenaline to look forward to playing together at this very, very cool place. So I just really wish you could be there, and I hope to see you soon.”