Bret Michaels: Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard And Poison Tour Will Be ‘Incredible’

In an interview with Bionic Buzz at this past Sunday’s 2019 Hollywood Christmas ParadePoison frontman Bret Michaels was asked how he managed to get Mötley Crüe to come out of retirement for next summer’s trek.

According to a report from Rolling StoneMötley CrüeDef Leppard and Poison will be joining forces for next year’s U.S. tour.

Although dates and venues have not yet been announced, sources have confirmed to the magazine that the three acts will perform at stadiums around the country.

Michaels said: “Here’s what happened: everyone who knows this about me… I came in the spirit, right? I always try to throw what I call gratitude and a positive attitude out there.”

“So I kept throwing the good vibes out there. I said, ‘It would be insane for the fans if we had Def Leppard and Poison , and then if Mötley Crüe  would pull it back together, that would be incredible.’ It’s only a rumor right now, but I’m thinking this week early, we may be mentioning something. It’ll be incredible.”

When asked if there is any chance that all three acts will play one song together at the end of the night, Bret replied: “If you’re asking me, everyone knows when they come out on the road with me, I bring everyone up on stage.

He added: “It’s like a big jam at the end of the night. We’re hoping that that’s gonna happen. But no matter what happens, I ask for one thing — that all the bands on this put an amazing, amazing show on for the fans; that’s all. Everyone’s having fun. ‘Cause we want the fans to have fun, but I wanna have the time of my life too.”

Mötley Crüe have collectively agreed to rip up the “cessation of touring” contract that they signed back in 2014 preventing any of them from performing under the band’s name in the future.

Motley Crue

In a recently unearthed video clip, of 2014’s “That Metal Show” episode shows Crüe guitarist Mick Mars discussing the possibility of band touring again after the completion of its 2015 “final” trek.

In the video shared by “That Metal Show” co-host Don JamiesonMars can be heard saying: “Let me put it this way: If that happens, I will invite the world to come for free.”

He later posted a message on his Instagram writing he was “joking” about the free tickets and that he never thought band will be reuniting again.

“While I was clearly joking about the free tickets that night on TMS, I was also deeply convinced that we would never ever be touring again,” he wrote. “I would never have expected to be facing a whole new generation of fans demanding to see us play. In fact, touring with Mötley Crüe comes at a weird place in time, since my solo record is almost complete after such a long time of writing and recording.

“But, I put our fans first,” Mick added. “Anyways, I am eating a lot of crow and humble pie this Thanks giving for those remarks and accept that some of you see this as me being dishonest. I said what I said and I was wrong. Peace.”

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